Welcome to the training website of the Des Plaines Fire Department Training Division. This site is a resource site and information network of the training division providing information and resources to assist our members in the preparation and delivery of scheduled and self-directed training.

The Mission of the Training & Safety Division is to be a resource for all members of the Des Plaines Fire Department resulting in programs and training that make a difference in our ability to safely deliver effective emergency services.

Our Vision is that all programs, evolutions, curriculums and polices support this Mission and are delivered with an outcome that they all make the end user: Better, Faster, Safer and Smarter.

Our Goal of working everyday to ensure that everyone goes home, nobody gets hurt, and excellent service is delivered can be achieved through aggressive and effective training.

What Happens When You Call 911?

This short video produced in conjunction with our Regional Dispatch Center (RED Center) will demonstrate how 911 calls are processed and DPFD resources are assigned to an emergency.Red Center



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DPFD CPR Video: Why Do So Many Responders Answer Your Call?

Watch this new video produced by Media Services that demonstrates the jobs and responsibilities of each of our responders during a cardiac arrest incident.



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At Your Service; The Des Plaines Fire Department

Click on the link below to check out our department profile video produced by the City Media Services Department.


Logo and Name

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Backing of Vehicles and Plymovent SOP Review


Companies and individuals are to review and train on this package of SOPs. This package includes P606.3 Backing of Apparatus and P901 Plymovent System along with a quick drill for review. A short video will also be available shortly to assist with this training. When complete, validate training using Code P606.3 and P901 in FireHouse. You will need to enter the shift or member completing the training using each of these codes individually.

Backing and Plymovent.pdf

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UL Ventilation, Flow Paths & Fire Suppression Course


Thanks to the 200 attendees at the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute class held in Des Plaines on December 2nd. Steve Kerber from UL delivered a great presentation and has offered to share the class resources with the attendees. Follow these links to access class information.

Click here for access to the DropBox folder of the class Presentation.

Click here to complete a brief survey about today’s class.

Click here to access the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute website.

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Slope Evacuation Kit Training Resources

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Slope evacuation kits are in-service on T81 and T83. Download this training manual on the operation and set-up of these kits. Photos are also attached of each component of the kit.

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Welcome to DPFD Division of Training Web Resource


Training Program Overview
The following principles are essential to the success of our program.

  1. Safety, survival and service delivery are the primary outcomes of every training.
  2. Training is user centered and easy to use. Training must make us; Better, Faster, Safer and Smarter.
  3. Performance measures are identified and attainable within the resources and established procedures of the department.
  4. Achievement of the mission will be met through the development of programs that are:
    • Realistic
    • Relevant
    • Referenced
    • Performance based
    • Member involved
  5. Constant improvement of the individual, company, station, shift/battalion and department drive the delivery of all training.
  6. Training will serve a purpose and every training minute must matter.
  7. Every detail is important and no corner will be cut.
  8. Everyone is empowered to STOP training that is judged unsafe or when understanding of the expectations of the instructor are unclear.
  9. Minimum is never acceptable. We cannot train to “just get by”.
  10. Accountability and professionalism in all actions and details.

Don’t Train Until You Get It Right, Train Until You Can’t Get It Wrong.

Des Plaines Training Overview.pdf

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